Most important topics discussed about of Asynchronous motor

Definition Asynchronous Motor-:

Asynchronous motor/Induction motor is an AC motor which worked by electric current. When you supplied electric current in this type of motor, then the rotor produce torque with the help by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic fielAd of the stator windings. An induction motor’s rotor can be either squirrel-cage type or wound type. This types of motors always runs at speed less than synchronous speed.

We can easily understand that from this figure  an induction motor’s rotor are two types :-

  1. Squirrel-cage Type.
  2. Wound Type .

Squirrel-cage Type-: In all over country almost 85% motor are Squirrel-cage type because;

Squirrel-cage motor

  • This type of rotor consist of a laminated cylindrical core having parallel slots on its outer periphery. One bar (Copper or Aluminium) is placed in each slot,  & all bars are joined at each end used by metal ring.
  • Its have very simplest & most rugged construction imaginable and is almost indestructible.

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