How To Make Series Testing Board Easily

Series testing board mainly for used connectivity testing, fault between coil, terminals testing of compressor, shortage testing of induction motor or any type of motor ,electric heater, and testing of any electrical equipment and components.

Required Components

(1) AC power plugs

(2) Two pieces 3 Pin socket

(3) One pieces Lamp holder with lamp

(4) One pieces Fuse

(5) One pieces Indicator

How To Make it

Fist of all connect the phase or live wire to the fuse 1st terminal, after that connect  the wire 2nd terminal of  the fuse, for these wire current can passes through a conductor. After that 2nd    terminal of the fuse connect  to all lower terminal of  Indicator , Switches . Upper terminal of switch connect to the left terminal of all socket similarly other connection . Right terminal of first socket connected with 1st  terminal of lamp holder and get neutral wire from right terminal of second  socket as shown in the figure. When you all neutral wire are connected, then  circuit will be closed and it is ready to used for testing equipment and components.

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