How to make Remote Control Switch at Home to ON OFF Light And Fan with IR Receiver Remote

Remote Control Switch Board Circuit-: It is a very simple circuit and you can easily make this remote control on/off switch circuit at your home……

–:Required Components :

a) 1 Piece blank pcb board, b) 1 Piece CD4017 IC , c) 1 Piece ir receiver, d) 1 Piece ir led, e) 1 Piece 10k resistor f)1 Piece 1k resistor, g) 1 Piece 2222A transistor, h) 1 Piece 12V relay, i) 1 Piece 1N4007 diode

Circuit Diagram of Remote Control Switch at Home to ON OFF Light And Fan :-

Remote Control Switch

:How to Making:

In this circuit we will use a CD4017 ic and some simple components for making the remote control switch..

Used components are a ir receiver for receiving ir signal and a ir led for sending ir signal.

In this circuit we will connect a relay and with this relay you can connect any electric light,fan or any electrical appliances. After connecting any electric Light or Fan with this circuit which you want to operate by remote. Just connecting any electric light or fan you can operate it by remote either you can used smart phone remote.

Noted that :

Here we will make a separate remote for controled this switch circuit, and you can’t operated this switch circuit by any TV or DVD remote . Finally when you create separated remote then you can operate any electric light or fan by this separate remote.

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