How to make a mini Tesla Coil

(अपनी भाषा का त्वरित अनुवाद करें)

Tesla Coil

Required Components For CircuitRelated image

(i)One Pieces PVC Pipe (Length-8.5cm & Diameter-2cm)

(ii)One Pieces 2N2222A Transistor

(iii)9V Battery & Battery Cap

(iv)One Pieces Switch

(v)2G Copper Wire

(vi) Wood Base 

Circuit Diagram

 How to make

Step 1

At first we have to winding the copper wire around the PVC pipe, leave ½ cm of the both end of the pvc pipe.

Step 2

When the copper wire winding  is complete, after that We have to installed all the components on the wood base.

Step 3

we connect the all components by the wire.

Connection -:

First of all we connect to ‘+ve’  terminal of the 9V battery with switch one point by the wire. And the other point of the switch is connected to one point of inductor (Primary Winding), other point of the inductor is connected to transistor collector(C) point. Base(B) terminal of the transistor is connected to the 22KΩ resistor, other terminal of the resistor connect to other point of switch.  Emitter(E) terminal of the transistor is connected‘-ve’  terminal of the 9V battery. After that lower most terminal of the winding around of pvc pipe is connected to between the junction of base and resister.

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