Fire Alarm Detection System Working Principle | How to make a Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm


Sudden excessive high voltage flowing through the conductor, for this extra voltages conductor will be blast and create sparking and produce fire accident or any other reason can be chance of fire accident. So we are making a fire alarm for safe in our life from fire accident type of dangerous problem. The fire alarm circuit can be defined as an electronic circuit used for identifying fire accident. This indicates by the buzzer beep sound.

Required components for these project-:

(i) NPN Transistor BC 548

(ii) R 100Ω

(iii) Resistor 330KΩ

(iv) Fire Switch

(v) PNP Transistor 369

(vi) Battery 9V with Battery Clip

(vii) 0.04mF

(viii) Buzzer

(viii) PCB Board


Circuit Diagram

Fire Alarm

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