How many types of motor having in the World

Definition Of Motor-:

Deffination Of Motor

A motor is an electrical machine, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When we changed the direction of supply wire, then motor rotate the opposite direction. Motor is basically designed for produce mechanical torque. In our daily life we generally seen many small or big instrument attached with motor.


What is Dc Motor

  • Definition of D.C Motor(Direct Current)-: D.C motor is a electrical machine which converts DC power into mechanical power. Whenever a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, then the conductor experiences a mechanical force. The direction of this force is given by Fleming’s Left-hand rules, & magnitude is find out by F=BIl Newtons.



  • Definition of AC Motor(Alternating Current)-: An AC motor is an electrical motor which worked by an alternating current (AC). Essentially its have two parts outside & inside, outside part is known as Stator and other parts is called Rotor. Stator part made up of a number of stamping, which are slotted to receive the winding. If pole is increased then the synchronous speed of the motor is decreased as shown in the figure.


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