How does a Capacitor Store Energy | All Types Of Capacitor in the world

What is Capacitor or Condenser (C)-: 

Any two conducting surface separated by an insulating material is called a Capacitor or Capacitance. It has passive two terminals that stores potential energy in an electric field and it is separated by a dielectric material. The capacitor known as a condenser.Unit of Capacitor is (farad) 1µF=10^-6 F, 1µµF or 1 Pf=10^-12 F. It is denoted by F.Q is directly proportional to V. 

Voltage equation across capacitor

Image result for transparent png charge equation OF capacitor

That is, Q α V ⇒Q=C × V or, Q/V=constant= C, Here [Q- Charge, V-Potential difference across it]

Unit of capacitor is farad(F). 1µF=10^-6 F , 1µµF or 1Pf=10^-12 F.

How many types of capacitors are there-:

(a) Non-Polarized Capacitor-:

(i) Ceramic Capacitor (ii) Film Capacitor

(b) Polarized Capacitor

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Non-polarized capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor

Image result for transparent Non Polarized Capacitor

Ceramic Capacitor-: Only a ceramic capacitor is a fixed value capacitor in which ceramic material acts as the dielectric. It is constructed of two or more alternating layers of ceramic and a metal layer acting as the electrodes. The composition of the ceramic material defines the electrical behavior and therefore applications. The large,100µF  electrolytic unit shown in the upright position has its positive (+) terminal denoted by plus sign. Ceramic,  plastic,Mylar film, and air capacitors don’t have polarity marking sign. Because those types are are not polarity sensitive.

Film CapacitorsImage result for transparent film capacitor

Film Capacitor-: Film capacitors are different form that are plastic film capacitors, polymer film capacitors, it is generically called film  capacitors. Film capacitors known as film dielectric capacitors, plastic film capacitors, polymer film capacitors, film capacitors, are electrical capacitors that contain an insulating plastic film which is the dielectric, and is sometimes combined with paper as the carrier of electrodes. The electrodes contained in film capacitors can be metallized aluminum or zinc and directly applied to the surface of the plastic film or a separate metallic foil that is overlying the film.

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