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Electrical Transformers-:

Image resultAn electrical transformer is an A.C static piece of  equipment. That transfer electrical energy in one electric circuit is transform into electric energy of the same frequency in another circuit . Frequency it can increase or decrease the voltage with corresponding to decrease or increase of current keeping same power. The physical basis of transformer is mutual  induction between two circuit. Essentially it consist of two winding one is primary winding and the other is secondary winding. The number of turns of the primary winding denoted by N1 and secondary N2. It produce mutually induced e.m.f according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic  induction.

Transformers generally have two typesRelated image

Core Type Transformer Core Type Transformer 

What is core type transformer-: In these type of  transformers the coils used are from wound and are of the circular cylindrical type. Its two windings (Primary winding and Secondary winding) are out of this transformer wound and surround the core ring. Generally the coils may be circular or over or rectangular. The circular cylindrical coils are used in most of the core type transformer because of their mechanical strength. Fuller board are used to separate the cylinder winding from the core and from each other. Its each winding being wound on a separate limb or core of the soft iron form which provides the necessary magnetic circuit.

Shell Type TransformerShell Type Transformer

What is Shell Type Transformer-: The coils are form wound but are multi layer disc sort type usually wound within the kind of pancakes. The entire winding consist of stcked discs with insulation space between the coils. The space forming horrinzontal cooling and insulating ducts. A shell type transformer may have a simple straightforward parallelogram or it may have distributed form.

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