How to make a Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Sudden excessive high voltage flowing through the conductor, for this extra voltages conductor will be blast and create sparking and produce fire accident or any other reason can be chance of fire accident. So we are making a fire alarm for safe in our life from fire accident type of dangerous problem. The …

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How to make a mini Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil Required Components For Circuit-: (i)One Pieces PVC Pipe (Length-8.5cm & Diameter-2cm) (ii)One Pieces 2N2222A Transistor (iii)9V Battery & Battery Cap (iv)One Pieces Switch (v)2G Copper Wire (vi) Wood Base    How to make Tesla Coil Step 1 At first we have to winding the copper wire around the PVC pipe, leave ½ cm of the both end of the pvc …

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Water Level Indicator Project

Required Components For Circuit (i) 4 Pieces BC547B  Transistors-Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 (ii) 3 Pieces color Led – Red(LED1) , Blue(LED3) , Yellow(LED2) (iii) 6 Pieces Resistors R1,R2,R3,R4,R5, R6 ,all are 220 Ohms (iv) Buzzer (v) 9V Battery With Battery clip (vi) Some wires (vii) PCB Board Circuit Diagram of water level indicator How do it working :  When water level being …

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